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  •   spankingteenjessicag session she“d just preformed. He wrapped his arms around her and flipped her over onto her back so he could look down into her smiling face. A finger found its way into her pussy, drawing a gasp from her and causing her to close her eyes and throw her head back. She loved to feel his fingers insider her, teasing her. Look at me pet, he commanded. She opened her eyes, cloudy with desire, and looked up at him. The naked adoration in her gaze made his breath catch. Open your mouth, she immediately complied, good girl, he said. He slipped the finger that had been deep into her ass past her lips. A small frown of disgust passed her features, but she didn“t complain as she started sucking on his finger. She knew she would be punished is she complained. He pushed his finger deeper into her cunt, sliding in a second finger. I don“t know pet, do you think a slut like you deserves to wear my mark? She moaned softly and started sucking on his finger like it was his cock. He laughed at her quic spankingteenjessica k response. He pulled his finger out of her pussy and gently pulled it down her cheek, caressing her. It“s a big step pet, I don“t know if you“re ready. Master, I“m ready I swear it. I would do anything to have your mark on me, she pleaded. Well I was thinking something simple, right above your ass. Just two little words, Nate“s whore. What do you think of that? She couldn“t respond, his fingers were moving in and out of her cunt quickly and his thumb was rubbing her clit. All she could do was moan as he played with her body. Of course you“ll have to earn it, cunt. But that won“t be a problem, right? You“ll do anything to please me, wont you pet? He softly caressed her face, smiling ÷ he was going to let her cum. Her body was tense, she was biting her lip in pleasure and her eyes had closed again. Yes pet, you“re going to earn the right to be called my whore, you“re going to prove to me just what nasty little slut you can be. But she was too far gone, too wrapped up in his touch to he
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    spankingteenjessica ed the warning in his words. He could feel her cunt contract on his fingers as she came, moaning and screaming. When she looked up at him again her eyes were glassy and she was smiling softly. Thank you Master. Your welcome pet. Now go to your room, I“m going to sleep alone tonight. She frowned slightly, but licked his fingers clean and went to spend the night alone in her room. ***** A few weeks later she was sitting on the back porch watching the sun set when she heard her Master come in the front door. She quickly got up and ran through the house to greet him. She could tell by the look in his eyes that she was going to be in for a hard night. It was easy to tell now what kind of mood he was in by the way he looked at her. She decided against the hug she was going to give him and went to her knees instead. She spread her knees wide causing her dress to ride high on her thighs; she placed her hands behind her back and lowered her eyes submissively. Aren“t you going to greet me slut?

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